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Arrow Construction

Arrows are made of rods or tubes of stiff, low density material: wood, fibre glass, aluminium, carbon fibre, or a composite of carbon fibre wrapped around aluminium tubing.

Arrows must be a perfectly stiff arrow cannot be shot from a bow. Indeed, the correct degree of arrow stiffness is one of the keys to successful archery, as will become apparent.

  • archery Arrows usually have a tubular shaft because, for a given mass of material, tubes are stiffer than solid rods.
  • For a given archery arrow mass of material, larger diameter tubes with thin walls are stiffer, but they are also mechanically weaker than narrow thick walled tubes, so there is a trade off.
  • Carchery arbon arrow is stiffer and lighter than aluminium, which means that an arrow's overall diameter can be thinner (so more aerodynamic) and the arrow lighter (so faster) for a given stiffness.
  • For the last 10 or so years, the optimum design for a light, stiff, durable arrow has been carbon fibre bonded over aluminium tubing.
  • Easton ACE and X10 arrows are carbon wrapped aluminium, but they are also slightly "barrelled" so that the wrap of carbon is (slightly) thicker in the middle than the ends... like a barrel. However, although this is currently the best design, it is also the most expensive option. Interestingly, in the middle ages, the best longbow arrows made of wood were also barrelled.

An archery arrow has a massive pile (point) made of high density metal (iron or tungsten), a nock which fits onto the bow string, and fletchings or vanes (UK/USA) that add drag at the rear of the arrow.

An arrow has a centre of mass (centre of gravity or balance point) and a centre of archery arrow drag: archery arrow


Important Archery and Hunting Resources

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Since 1998, has been the premier source for archery and hunting equipment. Specializing in custom fletched arrows, this should be the first place you check for your archery gear.

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edersbow archery tips
Visit the definitive blog for is filled with tips for archery and bowhunting.

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